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Welcome To Retrovise

Thank you for stopping in and taking a look around the Retrovise shopping website. Take a look at all our wonderful products from Tattoo art wear, pinup dresses, rockabilly, alternative and main stream clothing/apparel. There is sure to be something for everyone.

We are new at this so please have patience with us while we work out the kinks and bugs. I am learning about creating a website on the fly here and it may take me a little longer then some to find the solutions to issues, but I promise I will figure it.

Please browse around, email me with any questions or thoughts. We appreciate our customers and all their helpfull feedback :)

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Retrovise is a boutique that specializes in Pinup, Rockabilly, Tattoo wear, Hotrod inspired, elegantly alternative and mainstream clothing and accessories for women and men.
"Owning a clothing boutique was never in my plans, however it has now become the dream I never knew I had. Originally Retrovise was purchased as a second hand retro/vintage furniture and home décor store of Consumer's Choice R&D. After a year and a half running it as such I quickly realized that I need to further expand it.
          I did some really in-depth soul searching and decided I couldn’t give up on the idea of owning my own business so quickly. Doing some research and coming up with a niche I felt wasn’t being properly filled in Regina, I ordered in a few vintage inspired dresses (which all sold within the week) that was my “aha” moment and I haven’t looked back since.
          Retrovise continues to evolve and change to better serve my customers and to attract new customers. I am always open to listening to what people want to see in the store. The list of fashion items that were on the asking list was massive, therefore the next decision I had to make was, do I need to move to a larger space? My husband and I decided we needed to expand the store so we moved Retrovise to the current location at 1235 Broad St which we saw from the real listings of www.PointGreyNow.com. We have the place tailored up by Langley carpet stretching services to give it the makeover that we planned. My motto has always been go big or go home. We also have another place to consider for our next expansion so we have to wait for it to undergo property renewal services in Canada (homepage) and have the place renovated by Kerrisdale Roofing before we can finally move in and add another branch.
          We will always continue to improve, change and evolve the shopping experience for the customer, because without all my wonderful customers, Retrovise would not exist and for that I am forever grateful."

~Angela Arnold
    Owner of Retrovise

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